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About Us

Evolved as manufacturers of traditional Jacquard Chadders and developed as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Terry Towels, Jacquard Chadders and Prayer mats form India.

We are dedicated to provide finest quality of products at the same time providing better service to all our customers who lay their trust in our integrated and transparent business practices.

The quality of yarn used in the weaving and the pattern of looping has a great effect in the ultimate manufacture of Terry Towels. They are made from the best cotton fibre, and the yarn we use are inspected by our strong technical team. It has its influence on the absorbency and softness of the Terry Towel cloth that’s why We Stand High in Quality. With our consistent efforts and commitment to Quality, we have the conviction and confidence to increase both our range of products to overseas market substantially over the forthcoming years.

about us

We have Hi-Tec manufacturing facility for pre weaving, weaving and post weaving. We have in-house dyeing facilities with machines like Cabinet Dyeing etc. The Companies’ Power looms are highly equipped with double Jacquards. We also have latest technical equipments like ZUKI machines for stitching and finishing.  All these factors distinguish our products from our competitors. We have a team of highly skilled workers & professionals who work around the clock to meet the growing demand of our products. We constantly update ourselves with the latest trends in international markets to serve our customers.

Quality Assurance

Products manufactured by our units undergo strict quality control & supervision in three different phases. The quality which we manufacture is truly a value for money buy with our ultimate aim of customer satisfaction and delight. 





Our Mission

“Is to be world class manufacturer of Terry Towels, Prayer Mats and Bed Mats. Producing high quality products at competitive prices using high skill workforce, superior raw materials and complying with social standards, to be the preferred home furnishing manufacturer and exporter in India with reputation as a well managed, financially sound and customer oriented company in the world”. 

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